Google Added Statistics For Photos In My Business

The Google My Business statistics appeared on photographs. With the help of her service users will learn how often people look through their photos, compared with photos of other firms.

The new section "Photos" shows the total number of images associated with the company. Schedule "View photos" shows the number of times Google users looked at the pictures and the "Number of Photos" displays the total number of uploaded photos.

Statistics on the photo is available for periods of 7, 30 and 90 days.

On the page, the new statistics available such topics as:

   - How users find information about the company;

   - Which Google services they find them;

   - Actions committed by users;

   - For driving directions;

   - Calls;

   - Photo.

If there is no similar institutions, the data of other companies in the My business it does not appear.

Beta version 1.005. Copyright 2018.