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Google Android app is now able to save the offline queries


Google has updated the search application for Android. Now it is able to save queries, introduced in the absence of an internet connection.

Google Assistant will allow for payments.


Google Assistant will allow to make payments. It is reported by The Next Web. Judging by the leaked to the data network in a short time waiting for large-scale instrument patch. Among the upcoming innovations - the ability to make payments, which will be implemented on the basis of Alexa from Amazon.

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Google Trends in January

Google images were enhanced snippets for products.


Google has added a mobile version of the search at the pictures markup support for product pages. Enhanced code snippets can be seen by clicking on the product image in the search results.

Google punishes spam extended snippets.


Google search quality department specialist John Mueller said that Google punishes spam advanced snippets.

Google added statistics for photos in "My business".


The Google My Business statistics appeared on photographs. With the help of her service users will learn how often people look through their photos, compared with photos of other firms.

Google updated the rules on marking reviews.


Now before adding markup is necessary to ensure that the reviews do not contain obscene expressions. Otherwise, Google will not show enhanced snippets of this type for this resource.

Google: rearrangement header tags does not affect the ranking of a site.


Google search quality department specialist John Mueller during a regular hangout for webmasters reported that the movement of the tag h1 and / or h2 on the page will not affect the ranking of the site.

Google: PageSpeed mobile pages does not affect the ranking.


When you run a mobile-first index, Google will not consider the speed of the mobile page load as a ranking factor. This was stated by spokesman John Muller search. Google now accounts for only PageSpeed ​​desktop pages in the rankings, including mobile.

Google has no limit traffic on sites.


Quality Department specialist search Goolge John Mueller told that Google does not limit the traffic to the sites and does not establish quotas for the visit. This became known during the regular hangout for webmasters.

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Google Trends in December

Google marks the slow pages as not mobile-friendly.


Google has begun to notify webmasters recently that their pages are not mobile-friendly directly in the search results. Notice «Your page is not mobile-friendly» is displayed in the snippet, it only saw the owner of the site.

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